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Dairy calving transition period tools

Mar 4, 2020

The transition period can be a difficult time to manage a dairy herd's nutritional needs. You'll have some cows that are eating 25 to 30 pounds of dry matter, and some heifers and smaller cows that are eating 12 to 15 pounds. Tim Clark discusses how dairy producers can make up the difference and ensure that cows are getting consistent nutrient delivery.


Challenges with cold weather calving: Early calf nutritional needs

Feb 6, 2020

Allowing a calf to be born in cold weather seems somewhat counterintuitive, so why do producers breed cows to calve at this time of year? Sam Strahan and Dr. Anne Koontz discuss some strategies to minimize cold weather problems including supplementing with products containing Bio-Mos® for better calf health.


Blueprint program: Less is more Part 2

Nov 20, 2019

From improved pregnancy rates to overall performance improvements like weight gain and higher weaning weights, beef producers have been seeing results from the CRYSTALYX Blueprint program. Jon Albro discusses what producers are saying about the benefits of the Blueprint program.


Less is more with Blueprint

Oct 29, 2019

The removal of inorganic trace minerals can have a significant impact on both animal health and performance, as well as environmental stewardship. Mark Robbins discusses the many benefits of feeding organic trace minerals through the Blueprint program.


Delivering more protein this fall with CrystalBlox

Sep 17, 2019

Fall is here and with that comes a change in forage quality. Fiber levels increase and protein levels decline, making now an ideal time for protein supplementation. Tim Clark is on the podcast to help you plan your supplementation program for fall and winter.