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Some thoughts about thinking ahead

Nov 30, 2017

Being a successful producer never comes as an accident. It always happens thanks to a commitment to excellence, focused effort and planning. In this Block Talk Podcast, Dr. Dan Dhuyvetter, the Director of Research and Nutrition for CRYSTALYX, says it’s a matter of taking time to think things through. He challenges us to think beyond immediate results and figure out how decisions being made will affect things further down the line.


CRYSTALYX blueprint for maternal nutritional success

Nov 15, 2017

Consistency in cow nutrition during the entire pregnancy is essential. Producers often focus on heavy supplementation in preparation for breeding, but, supplementation often takes a backseat during the early months of pregnancy. In this Block Talk Podcast, Animal Nutritionist Jackie Nix talks about the important impact of fetal programming and how CRYSTALYX has the “Blueprint” for maternal nutritional success in the early stages of pregnancy.


The evolution journey of CRYSTALYX

Oct 27, 2017

The way cattle are fed and supplemented is constantly changing and improving, to meet the nutritional and environmental challenges that producers face. In this Block Talk Podcast, CRYSTALYX Nutritionist, Teri Walsh looks at the evolutionary journey of CRYSTALYX, how it has affected the past and present and what the future of supplementation looks like for the future.