Producer Tools

CRYSTALYX Beef Cow Body Condition Scoring App

The Beef Cow Body Condition Score app gives producers a quick and easy way to track cow body condition by pasture groups.

Photograph a cow, enter the ear tag and optionally assign them to a pasture. Compare the individual photos to reference photos provided for each condition score (or supply your own), and assign a score to the cow.

The date and location are automatically recorded (if you allow GPS service).

The app allows you to organize and track cows individually or by pasture group, view stats on animals and pastures over time, and export data in CSV format via email for further analysis.

The CRYSTALYX Beef Cow BCS App is available on iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android platforms.

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IOS (Apple) Devices

Google Play (Android) 


  • Fast data entry
  • Easy navigation
  • Robust help feature
  • Ability to export records and email for more thorough spread sheet analysis
  • View BCS distribution graph for cows in each pasture to see a quick overview of your entire herd
  • GPS tracking feature


  • To add a record, tap the + icon in the upper-right corer in the records tab
  • To add pastures and view statistics, visit the pastures tab
  • To export your records, tap the export icon in the upper-left corner of the records tab
  • Add to your "safe senders" in your email to ensure you receive the records file
  • Visit the settings tab to configure custom scoring images
  • To delete a record or pasture, swipe left and tap "delete"