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CRYSTALYX Blueprint dairy products: Continual improvement

For over 40 years, dairy farms and dairy nutritionists have used CRYSTALYX dairy formulas to improve animal performance with consistent nutrient delivery regardless of the many variations that exist on every dairy. We are excited to announce that these core dairy products will be moving to a Blueprint fortification. This is part of our commitment to our customers to provide — and continually improve — the highest-quality nutrition through innovation.


Variations in nutrient delivery exist on all farms, and this is especially true for cattle around the time of calving. Using CRYSTALYX helps mitigate the potential negative effects caused by these variations. What are the sources of these variations? Nutritionists must pick an average dry matter intake (DMI) to balance the rations. Pre- and post-calving groups are composed of both mature cows and first-calf heifers who are various days away from calving. Mature cows have a DMI of 30 to 35 pounds per day, while first-calf heifers have a DMI of 18 to 20 pounds per day. The DMI of all of these animals will decline as they approach calving. Animals are continually added to and removed from these pens, which contributes to even more disruption, making a consistent DMI for the pen impossible. So, do we balance the diet for 35 pounds or for 18 pounds of DMI? 

To add even more challenges to ration balancing, these diets are often high-forage and bulky, which makes it very difficult to get a mineral package evenly mixed into the ration. The TMR Safety Net uses a self-fed supplement like CRYSTALYX to consistently deliver vital nutrients to cattle, even with high levels of variation in DMI.

Dairy farms using CRYSTALYX products see fewer metabolic disorders in the transition period prior to and just after calving, as well as stronger early-lactation performance and animals reaching peak production more quickly. In addition, dairy farms are able to manage their acidosis risk with Buffer-lyx®. For calves, we have our stress blocks — Brigade® and Blueprint® Battalion® — to help manage the nutritional risks associated with weaning and shipping. Calves experience fewer health events, higher feed intake and better growth rates when we use these tools at weaning. In addition, we offer various protein formulas for forage-based young stock rearing programs.

Blueprint formulation for continued improvement

Blueprint is a cutting-edge trace mineral supplementation program based on replacing all inorganic trace minerals with Alltech Bioplex® organic trace minerals. Bioplex trace minerals are offered in a form similar to that found in nature. Bioplex peptide bonds deliver protected trace minerals to their targeted binding sites in the small intestine. Additionally, Bioplex trace minerals do not negatively impact vitamin stability or reduce the digestibility of other dietary components in the rumen, nor are they negatively impacted by common antagonists found in the water or the diet. Animal agriculture has a long history of using new technology to improve efficiency, and Blueprint is the newest innovation in trace mineral nutrition.

Less is more with Blueprint

Using Bioplex trace minerals allows our dairy products to be formulated at a lower level while still offering higher availability. This allows for better utilization by the animal and less excretion into the environment while enhancing rumen function and animal performance.

The CRYSTALYX dairy products that are now formulated with CRYSTALYX Blueprint are listed below. The product numbers are the same.

Blueprint® Dry Cow™ Formula can be used for the entire dry period and can be the sole source of trace minerals and vitamins. The delivery of some protein and carbohydrates will enhance rumen fiber digestion and improve overall feed intake. The average intake of Blueprint Dry Cow Formula is 0.50 pounds per head per day.

Blueprint® Close-Up™ Formula is similar in fortification to Blueprint Dry Cow but delivers anionic salts to help lower the risk of low blood calcium and milk fever around calving. Due to the anionic salts it delivers, this product should not be fed post-calving.

Blueprint® Transition Stress™ Formula is a mineral-type low-moisture block that does not deliver any protein. It is very nutrient-dense and offers a low intake — on average, 0.25 pounds per head per day. This formula can be fed both pre- and post-calving.

Blueprint® Dairy-lyx® is for lactating cows. It provides 18% CP and is formulated for an average intake of 0.75 pounds per head per day. This formula works well in grazing situations or during times when additional supplementation is needed.

Blueprint® Buffer-lyx® is a patented buffer delivery product for lactating cows that helps reduce the risk of sub-acute rumen acidosis.