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CRYSTALYX® Mineral and Goldilocks

CRYSTALYX® Mineral and Goldilocks

While minerals are a relatively small portion of an animal’s diet, they control many vital functions such as the reproductive system and nervous system and contribute to other economical production traits, such as feed efficiency and overall herd health. Animal mineral requirements fluctuate throughout the year depending on stage of production; however, year-round supplementation is vital to maximize performance. 

Supplementation is the best method to “bridge the gap” between cow requirements and what is available in the forages being consumed at any given time. CRYSTALYX® mineral supplements are an effective way to provide the necessary nutrients throughout the year. Here’s why:

Cattle consume it

When selecting the perfect supplement, we often get drawn into what the tag says, but while the mineral levels and trace mineral forms are important, the first step in providing a mineral is to choose one that cattle will actually consume! While that may sound obvious, it really is the first step in making sure your cows get what they need.

Research out of Montana State University tracked the percent of cows consuming a conventional dry mineral with cows consuming CRYSTALYX. Results show that whether cattle are grazing or being fed harvested forages, 86% or more will consume a CRYSTALYX mineral supplement compared to 55–63% consuming a conventional dry mineral. (Rangeland Ecology & Management 60(1), January 2007).



Consistent, controlled intake

We can think about mineral intake in terms of the story of Goldilocks. Too little won’t deliver the necessary nutrients to reach peak performance, but too much can become very costly for the producer’s pocketbook. Right down the middle, with consistent and controlled intake, at the recommended level the mineral is formulated for, is “just right.”

When mineral supplementation is in the CRYSTALYX low-moisture block form, the hardness of the block controls intake while the molasses content improves the palatability of otherwise less-palatable mineral ingredients. The sweet taste entices cattle to visit the supplement, but they need to lick at it to consume it, as it is hard enough that it cannot be bitten or chewed. A 4-oz. intake of CRYSTALYX mineral options such as Crystal-Phos® or Blueprint® 6% Phos, or an 8-oz. intake of Mineral-lyx®, gives excellent results at a low cost per head per day.


Delivery, equipment and weatherization

When compared to other supplement forms, CRYSTALYX wins at ease of use and lower labor and equipment requirements. Simply place barrels where you want cattle to graze (more on that here: https://www.crystalyx.com/grazing-and-environmental/grazing-management-using-gps/), with no feeders or other equipment necessary. Want to take it one step further? Feed CRYSTALYX in the BioBarrel® with WeatherAll® Protection, eliminating the need to pick up empty barrels or tubs.

The weatherization of CRYSTALYX also makes it a foolproof mineral supplement option. After spring rains, for example, cattle will remove the moisture from the top of the barrels and go on to consume the product with no waste.


CRYSTALYX is made with multitasking in mind. All CRYSTALYX mineral options contain Bioplex® organic trace minerals. Spring and summer also bring on flies, and CRYSTALYX fly control options are available to deliver ClariFly® or Altosid® IGR in your mineral supplement. Look for CRYSTALYX Blueprint 6% Phos with ClariFly for the best multitasking supplement this spring and summer, or go to www.crystalyx.com or visit your local CRYSTALYX dealer to find the right CRYSTALYX mineral for your cattle needs.

Consistent consumption, low cost per head per day, and multitasking capabilities combine to make CRYSTALYX mineral “just right.”