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Maximizing bull fertility and performance

Purchasing bulls is a large initial investment for an operation — but, unfortunately, these animals do not often receive the attention they deserve, especially outside of breeding season. Much like a good athlete, your bull should prepare in the off-season to perform at their best during the season.

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Hay waste: Get the most out of your harvested forage

Winter is well on it's way and for many producers that means feeding hay supplies. What's the best hay storage method and how can you minimize hay waste? Jill Larson has some tips to help you get the most out of your stored forages this winter.

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Take care of your cows and they will take care of you

Fetal programming, also known as “developmental programming,” has been a hot topic for a number of years now. When we consider fetal programming from a nutritional perspective, we think of the lasting impacts gestational maternal nutrition has on calves. I have often heard farmers and ranchers say, “If you take care of your cows, they will take care of you,” and this certainly rings true.

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