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The last word (for 2013 anyway)

I’ve been last for most of my life…alphabetical, height, foot races, etc. It’s rare that I get the last word, though not for a lack of trying. So I’m honored to be the last blog post of 2013. 

My colleagues and I try to find thought provoking, timely and useful topics to discuss with you each week. The most obvious topic for the last day of the year would be a retrospective, but that one has been claimed. So here are my thoughts for 2014.

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Importance of beef cattle best management practices

Impact of FDA’s Plan to Phase Out Antibiotic Growth Promotion Use in Animal Production

Part of my “casual” reading this week was the FDA Guidance For Industry (GFI) #213, which was released on December 11, 2013.  This GFI outlines the voluntary 3 year plan to phase out the feeding of antimicrobials for growth promotion and increased feed efficiency in animal production while maintaining the use of antimicrobials for the prevention and treatment of disease.  The other component of this plan is to increase veterinary oversight using the Veterinarian Feed Directive (VFD).

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2013 was a great year for most all cow-calf and stocker producers

As we are nearing the end of the 2013 calendar year, it is nice to reflect on how good the year has been to the Beef Cow-calf and Stocker industry.  Weather conditions have started to return to more normal moisture patterns and are replenishing grazed forage supplies across the country with a few scattered exceptions.  The other unfortunate weather event is the untimely early winter storm, Atlas that resulted in large cattle losses primarily in Western SD.  Cattle producers and the Beef industry in general has responded quickly in establishing relief funds to help get those hardest hit, back up and going again.

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Can I feed CRYSTALYX cattle supplements to horses?

Many cattle producers also own horses and these horses are often in the same pastures as the cattle. In a perfect world, we’d offer equine supplements to the horses and bovine supplements to the cattle. However, in a co-pasture situation there is no practical way to keep these separate. As such, some choose a cattle supplement that all will eat.*  In some cases this is harmless. In others it could be deadly.

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The real value of CRYSTALYX: It goes beyond price and the price of alternative feeding methods

Several recent blogs have mentioned the fundamental values of CRYSTALYX® supplementation.  Topics on the value of getting cattle in better shape for winter, utilizing forages more effectively and efficiently, calf weaning and health, and raising replacement heifers.  Supplementation definitely pays, more so now than ever with the value of feeder, fat, and replacement cattle.

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