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The investment in a bull

Bull-buying season is in full swing. Many cattlemen spend the time leading up to the sale flipping through catalogs to find bulls that will fit in with their operation and continue to progress their herd genetically. 

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Set up for success at calving and beyond: CRYSTALYX and Bio-Mos 2

At CRYSTALYX, we often write about the many benefits seen from supplementing livestock with the many nutritional technologies provided by Alltech, our parent company. Some past blogs include topics regarding Blueprint, Bio-Mos, Actigen and Bio-Mos 2. About a year ago, we made some name and formulation changes where any CRYSTALYX product that contained Bio-Mos now contains the next generation product, Bio-Mos 2.

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Is CRYSTALYX convenient?

We recently received some information back from readers of a particular beef industry magazine that carried one of our CRYSTALYX “Performance is Served” advertisements. This information included candid comments from the readers on the specific advertisements.

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