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Antibiotics in animal feed: Proposed FDA changes and how it affects you

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is implementing a voluntary program within the animal, feed and drug industries to phase out the use of certain antibiotics in the use of animal feed or drinking water. To date, all animal pharmaceutical companies have agreed to fully comply. Here’s what you need to know about the changes:

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The energy value of CRYSTALYX is in the forage

Last week Mark Robbins had an excellent blog written in regards to the fat content of CRYSTALYX®.  He explained the changes made to fat levels in the “HE” line of products and what that change of 1 or 2% fat really means in terms of actual energy.  The bottom line is that the fat content of CRYSTALYX®, while providing some energy, really is a small contributor as an energy source in products containing 3-5% fat.  We do not want to discount the value of fat in any supplement as CRYSTALYX® does market a high fat product, Omega-lyx™ which has a much more significant fat level (12%).

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Fat levels in CRYSTALYX

Beginning this week in August, you will notice that we have changed the formulation of the “HE” CRYSTALYX® products. These were some of the oldest CRYSTALYX® products in existence.  The “HE” in their name used to stand for “High Energy”.  I say “used to”, because since I got involved with formulating the CRYSTALYX® products over 19 years ago, I also got involved with the marketing of them.  I noticed that most every promotional flier we had on CRYSTALYX® products at the time, usually listed “high energy” as the first bullet point.  Having access to the energy values of the various formulas, I could quickly see that the energy contained in ¾ pound of CRYSTALYX® was approximately the same as ¾ pound of corn.  Now I agree that corn is relatively high in energy compared to straw, but I would struggle to promote CRYSTALYX® as high in energy, given that you could get the same amount of energy in ¾ pound of corn for much less money.  We began having the “High Energy” bullet points removed from our advertising materials, and I slept better at night.

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