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Beef cow body condition score: Impact on cow longevity

The top reason a cow leaves the breeding herd is due to reproductive failure — either failing to produce a calf or falling out of the desired calving season. The long-term profitability of the operation is directly tied to maintaining cows in the herd for as long as possible and producing a calf every year. Unlike the current cattle cycle and calf prices, managing reproductive performance and maximizing weaning weights are factors within your contro

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The long history of CRYSTALYX Brand Supplements

The history of CRYSTALYX low-moisture blocks goes back more than 44 years, to a patent originally obtained by Carl O. McKenzie. Legend has it that he got the idea while observing how hard candy was made at Knott’s Berry Farm. The patent was submitted in 1974 and was approved on June 1, 1976. This patent describes the batch process by which we still make CRYSTALYX today.

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Blueprint: Improving health and productivity in beef and dairy herds

Now that election day is behind us, this seems like a great time to change focus and look at what we can do together to improve the health and productivity of our livestock. I enjoy reading books on history and am amazed at how much dissention there was in the early days of our American history (not dissimilar to where we are today), when political parties were just getting started.

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