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How can CRYSTALYX help cow-calf producers in a drought?

Most of the Western U.S. and parts of Western Canada are deep into a drought this summer. When the map below of the U.S. Drought Monitor for the week of July 27, 2021, was released, an addendum noted that the data showed that, as of that week, “the highest percentage of the U.S. is in an extreme/exceptional drought since the data series began in 2000”. 

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Early weaning stress: Helping calves cope

As I write this blog, it’s a typical, stuffy summer morning in southern Ohio. The air is still, the fog is thick and the forecast is calling for humidity in the 80s and temperatures in the 90s. This is not exactly a perfect recipe for cows to comfortably maximize their grazing abilities in our fescue pastures, but there is plenty of quality forage available for them to consume.

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