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Snow as a Winter Grazing Water Source

When you live in the northern US and Canada, this time of year means cold temperatures and snow. They go hand in hand with iced over and frozen waterers. This can lead some to look at the snow covered range and wonder if the snow can be used as a water source.

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Baby it’s cold outside… Providing for your cow herd when weather conditions go south

A dramatic change in the winter weather across the Northern part of the US has taken place over the past week or so as temperatures have plunged and ice fisherman can now more confidently go about their business.  What began as a very mild start to the winter, has quickly changed to more typical temperatures we normally see for this time of the year.  This got me thinking over the weekend that some timely reminders in how your cow herd is fed and managed might better help get your cows through to spring.  So how does cold temperatures affect your beef herd?

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Dealing with Flooded Pastures

Winter Storm Goliath has packed a wallop across most of the country between blizzard conditions in some areas and massive rain and flooding in others. And with forecasters predicting one of the strongest El Niños on record, excessive rain and flooding may well be the rule instead of the exception this year. Below are some tips and considerations in dealing with flooded pastures and fields:

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