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Making the most of summer pastures with Tasco

There’s no denying it, the summer months seems to speed by, especially when you live in a northern climate. Forage quality can disappear just as fast as summer when temperatures rise and seed heads appear. Cow performance can trail off too. As the days get hotter, she’s more likely to seek shade or the pond rather than graze. Both late summer issues can be combatted by adding a protein supplement with Tasco® to your pastures.

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Exercise programs compared to grazing management systems for beef and dairy cattle

Intensive High Impact Workouts Verses Consistent and Strategic Activity

There are at least two times during the year that most people will think about exercise; around the New Year for making resolutions and in the summer when headed to the lake or beach. Personally, I prefer a comfortably paced walk compared to running a 5K and much prefer being active outside as compared to going to a gym.  A reason people may give up on an exercise programs is the intensity and cost while convenience is really the main objection.  We all can benefit from being in better shape by doing some exercise.  That said; it does not have to involve packing up, driving to the gym, going hard for an hour every day.  Don’t fall into the mindset that “I don’t have the time, energy or money to get in better shape”.

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CRYSTALYX product application for the cow herd during the summer months

July is a time for many of us to let ruminants be ruminants by allowing our cow herd to graze without poking or prodding and at the same time give us a chance to either catch up on other things or to take a much deserved break, maybe even a vacation.   In some regions of the country haying or putting up some sort of winter stored feed supplies. can take up a big part of the summer.  While much of the CRYSTALYX® supplementation takes place in the fall and winter season, there are a number of product applications that take us year round.

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No hoof - No bull

We’ve all heard the saying “no hoof – no horse”.  This saying is popular because a lame horse is of little use to its owner.  The same applies to our bulls. Regardless of his bloodlines, exceptional musculature or superior EPDs, if he is lame, he isn’t going to breed your cows to pass on those magnificent genes, so he’s useless to you.

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CRYSTALYX and equines

It’s true; the vast majority of CRYSTALYX® fed is used for the purpose of supplementing cattle, and beef cattle at that.  However, CRYSTALYX® has had products labeled for all classes of equines for a long time having good results with satisfied horse owners using products such as Stable-lyx®.  Within the CRYSTALYX® product line, there are actually four products that are labeled for equines; I’ll write here most about Stable-lyx® .

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