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Thinking multiple steps ahead for cow-calf producers

This is a topic that I have tried on several occasions to write about but thought that it might be too ambiguous in terms of what could possibly be written that would seem valuable enough or intriguing enough to be read by cow-calf producers. What has kept this topic simmering on the backburner have been observations not only at work but also with my kids at home.

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We are approaching the third trimester

With many of you having spring calving herds, that will begin to calve in February, March or April, we are fast approaching the proverbial “third trimester”. 

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Mineral nutrition in early pregnancy counts more than you think

Maternal nutrition, including mineral nutrition, during early gestation is just as critical as during later gestation. Fetal programing shows that nutritional disruptions during pregnancy can have far-reaching implications later in the calf’s life, and even into adulthood.

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