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Are You Tracking Your Calving Distribution?

What was your average weaning weight last year? What was your conception rate? How many calves made it to weaning? These all impact your paycheck, so they are usually top of mind as well.

But calving distribution? What is that? Why track it? Can you improve it, and if so, what does that improvement pay you?

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The magic of CRYSTALYX® explained

In 2027, CRYSTALYX® will celebrate its 50th birthday. While the look and feeding characteristics of this Generation-X supplement have stayed the same, our understanding of how it works has changed greatly over the years.

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How Does CRYSTALYX® Pencil Out For Grazing Distribution?

As we continue our theme of demonstrating how CRYSTALYX®  pencils out for a return on your investment, we will next look at using Crystalyx to help manage grazing distribution in your pastures. The idea is that, in addition to using the supplement to provide daily nutritional supplementation to your cattle, we will use it to manipulate the grazing of your herd into areas they would not typically frequent. We once referred to this as having your supplement “multitask.”

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What is CRYSTALYX® Blueprint®?

Ridley launched the Blueprint® concept of supplements and feeds just over four years ago. Today, this concept is still unrivaled in the feed industry for providing the latest advancements in trace mineral nutrition. Let us look at the essence of CRYSTALYX® Blueprint® and what makes it stand out above the rest.

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Is CRYSTALYX convenient?

We recently received some information back from readers of a particular beef industry magazine that carried one of our CRYSTALYX “Performance is Served” advertisements. This information included candid comments from the readers on the specific advertisements.

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The long history of CRYSTALYX Brand Supplements

The history of CRYSTALYX low-moisture blocks goes back more than 44 years, to a patent originally obtained by Carl O. McKenzie. Legend has it that he got the idea while observing how hard candy was made at Knott’s Berry Farm. The patent was submitted in 1974 and was approved on June 1, 1976. This patent describes the batch process by which we still make CRYSTALYX today.

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