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Magnesium and the rumen: What you need to know to prevent grass tetany

El Niño weather patterns have created perfect conditions for grass tetany in many parts of the country. As a result many have already started high magnesium supplementation in the Southeast to help reduce risk. We all know to feed magnesium to our cattle to help prevent tetany but have you ever wondered why it works? Or why some cattle are more susceptible than others? This blog will cover some of the basics of tetany and what factors make cattle most susceptible.

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Self-fed supplement intake variation

Building off of Jon Albro’s blog from last week, I too had some interesting observations from the NCBA Cattleman’s College.  One Researcher provided some information on the intake variation of self-fed, as well as hand-fed supplements.  Most notably it was stated that the percent of non-consumers of hand-fed supplements was probably around 5%.

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