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Is sulfur an issue In CRYSTALYX?

I recently had a question about the amount of sulfur in a CRYSTALYX® block, and is that level something we should be concerned with?  The short answer is “no”, but let’s dig a little deeper.

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The heat of the summer is upon us

July is here, and with it, some of the hottest days of the summer are just ahead of us.  Self-fed intake of CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements can be higher in the summer/warmer months.  During the manufacturing process, CRYSTALYX® is packaged in to barrels at a temperature of approximately 150 to 175 degrees.  At this temperature, CRYSTALYX® is very pliable, much like Play Doh® or thick cookie dough.  As it cools, it becomes hard.  Hardness is a primary factor in determining the self-fed intake of CRYSTALYX®.  As you would expect, if CRYSTALYX® warms back up towards that 150 degree temperature, it will become softer again.  That is just the nature of a Low-Moisture Block.

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