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Winter is here! Time to make sure cows and calves adjust without a hitch

Winter has definitely made its appearance and it’s time to make sure Cows and Calves adjust without a hitch

Yes, the snow, cold winds and sudden drops in temperatures around the country have sent a sharp reminder that winter-like conditions are upon us.  Extended weather forecasts show that it is not simply a flash in the pan, but will stay with us for at least a few weeks.  Who knows where it will take us after that, but you can’t escape the winter months ahead.  We all try to plan as best that we can for winter, but if you are like me, I always think I have a few days, maybe weeks to prepare for winter and as usual, I still have a few things to get done.

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We’re doing a lot of things right: Don’t let up now

Have you ever watched a football game where a clearly superior team was winning, only to let up late in the game and allow the lesser opponent get close or even make a stellar come-back to win?  I love NCAA collegiate football and I’ve seen this happen.  It’s either frustrating or exhilarating depending on who your team is, but regardless, no team should ever let up the fight on the field.

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