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Be prepared

When was the last time, you knew ahead of time, that your car would run into the ditch, in a blizzard?  Or maybe, you absolutely knew that the Tornado warning on the radio was for a tornado that was headed directly at your home?  I’m guessing these events have never occurred with certainty.  That is why you may pack a survival kit in your car every winter, or why you head for the basement or some other tornado shelter, when you hear the warnings.  If possible, many of us purchase insurance to protect against such unknown events.  You make certain choices in life, to be prepared, just in case…….

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Safety at home, work and play

We take safety very seriously at Ridley Block Operations. Here, safety isn’t just something that the plants think about now and then. It’s a part of our culture in all aspects of the company. We’re also encouraged to think about safety outside of the office. So I thought it would be good to bring our culture of safety to our customers and encourage you to stop and think about safety in your everyday life too.

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Time to check your cow herd’s mid-winter mineral program

We have just gotten by the holidays and some of the Southern States and Purebred breeders are starting their calving for the new year.  Others may be waiting a few months before spring calving starts or they may even wait for pastures to green up before calving begins.  It is a critical time to make sure your cows are consuming their vitamin and mineral supplements to help cows enter calving on a high plane of nutrition, including their vitamin and mineral status.

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