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How Are Bioplex Trace Minerals Different, and What Are Their Benefits for Modern-Day Beef Production?

For producers who want to ensure that they are feeding the highest-quality trace minerals, Crystalyx offers many different supplement types and options to help improve performance across all phases of cattle production. With the need for beef production to be both efficient and profitable, this modern approach to mineral supplementation lends itself to a healthier end product while minimizing the impact on the environment as well.


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What are organic trace minerals?

Mineral deficiencies are often not visible but can contribute to poor or sub-optimal performance and, as a result, can affect beef producers’ profitability. A sub-optimal trace mineral status can affect an animal’s reproductive health and efficiency, metabolism, growth and development, and response to stress and disease challenges, all of which can directly impact the herd’s pregnancy rates, calving percentages, birth and weaning weights, calf mortality numbers and gains.

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