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Nutritional needs in early gestation

For many spring calving herds, we are now in the middle of the breeding season.  Hopefully you have all been using a good summer mineral, quite possibly with fly control in it.  But this is no time to relax – what should we be thinking about next?

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Is your fly control program working?

Fly season is in full swing. Horn flies cost the beef industry upwards of $1 billion annually, in losses from poor cow and bull performance, lowered weaning weights, and disease. Producers spend upwards of $600 million dollars to combat files. When you consider what’s at stake, how do you know if your fly control program working for you and your cattle?

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June is dairy month

The dairy industry is celebrated throughout the month of June with Dairy Breakfast and Farm City Days.  These are excellent events where dairy producers are able to offer the food consumer a glimpse into the daily activities and workings of a dairy farm.  Farms that are hosting these events deserve a big THANK YOU from not only the visiting consumers but from the rest of the agriculture community.  Collectively, the animal agriculture industry needs more of these type of events to foster a higher level of consumer confidence in the safety of the food supply and a better understanding of the effort and dedication it takes to care for our animals.  Heat stress abatement strategies and feeding management is one of the areas we can highlight for the consumer.  Officially, summer begins on June 21st, however heat stress is beginning to impact dairy cattle in many parts of the country.

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