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Combating calf weaning stress

As you read this, our calendars have just turned to autumn, hopefully bringing forth beautiful, clear, sunny days and crisp, cool nights. As with each year in the beef industry, we will see a large influx of spring-born calves in the marketplace — and the related challenge of keeping these calves healthy during the weaning transition period. 

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It will soon be fall - a great time for CRYSTALYX

So far, 2019 has been an interesting year; the beef industry in the U.S. has endured blizzards, floods, drought, uncertain markets in both the grain and livestock sectors, unfair denouncements in the media about climate change, uncertainty over trade agreements, a fire at a major beef processing plant, politics and more. 

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Small ruminant supplement options

Do you supplement your sheep and goats? Do they have access to the nutrients they need each day? As someone who is personally involved in the small-ruminant industry, I have a firsthand understanding of the lack of good-quality, palatable supplements formulated specifically for sheep or goats. 

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