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It's fall, you're busy, but don't forget about the cows

My sons and I were on a mission this past long weekend with a road trip to North Dakota to hunt pheasants.  It was their MEA (Minnesota Educator Academy) school break, or what we in the past called, “Teachers Convention”, and it is a great time to drive cross country and get out doors. This 670 mile trip took us from Mankato, MN to the North West corner of ND or about 7 miles from Canada and 40 miles from Montana.

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Watch out for moldy hay this winter

As winter approaches we need to start thinking about feeding hay. This year has been very hit-or-miss in terms of rainfall. Those who got it, got more than enough. And those who didn’t, well... The problem is that most of the available hay is going to come from those areas that received ample rainfall and faced less-than-ideal harvesting conditions. Under those circumstances, mold becomes an issue.

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Don't skimp on nutrition

Well, there’s a lot of news right now about the volatility in the cattle markets. Obviously a lot of it is uncomfortable) to read or listen to, and it makes for real spirited or depressing conversation at the corner café (pick your emotion).  Still, it’s always best to keep a positive frame of mind and be looking at opportunities.  The last time calves sold for $2.00, people were pretty doggone happy about it.  Now, I’m not trying to say that we should be happy with a cattle market that’s lost $50/Cwt in a very short period of time but I am saying that the cow-calf business is still alive and well.

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