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Seasons change: Spring grasses and grass tetany risk

With the NFL football season now over, some of us look forward to the Major League baseball season in April. Maybe some of you are watching the XFL football games at present, but there is one more season that is about to start soon. While perhaps not as exciting as the aforementioned sporting events, grass tetany season can certainly be more impactful on your profitability as a cow-calf producer.

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Addressing cold-weather calving challenges

In the depth of winter, most of us yearn for the warm, sunny days of spring and the nice green grass that follows. I suspect our cattle tend to enjoy that time of year better as well, but in the meantime, late-term pregnant cows have a major task ahead of them before this “green-up” occurs.

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Don't miss the new and improved CRYSTALYX supplementation guide

CRYSTALYX is the brand you know and has been the original low-moisture block supplement for over 45 years. In that time, the CRYSTALYX brand has evolved greatly and has established itself as a leader in the self-fed supplement industry through both innovation and application.

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