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Your Blueprint® for Fly Control

Flies are here to stay, and with the negative economic impact that comes from the stress they bring and the disease they spread, we must plan ways to control them. Harrison Smith discusses the different fly control options on the market, let this blog serve as a Blueprint® for planning your attack on flies this year. 

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Does CRYSTALYX® pencil out for reproductive efficiency? Part 2

There are multiple ways to measure reproductive performance. For this next blog in the "Does CRYSTALYX® Pencil Out?" series, Harrison Smith discusses heifer development, bull fertility and how managing body condition can lay the foundation for reproductive success.  

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Understanding and Utilizing Advanced Reproductive Technologies

Advanced reproductive technologies can help jumpstart your operation. Taking the time to evaluate your donors and recipients — and starting them on a high-end nutrition and mineral program, such as CRYSTALYX® Blueprint — will be a good way to ensure that your investment will be successful in the future.

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