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Water: The cornerstone nutrient

Water is one of those things that we’re never really satisfied with. There is either too much, too little or it doesn’t come at the right time. Or it’s too expensive, tastes funny, is too hot — the list goes on and on. Still, we tend to take for granted that, when we open the tap, it will be there. Water is essential to life, yet we rarely discuss it in relation to nutrition.

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CRYSTALYX summer minerals: Which one suits your needs?

With summer finally upon us, and for those of you with spring calving herds, you are now building your 2019 calf crop. Hopefully, you have been using a good-quality mineral on your herd prior to breeding season. But if you haven’t, it is not too late to start a summer mineral program and reap the benefits from a higher level of nutrition.

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Reducing heat-related production challenges in your cattle

Taking a dip in the lake, spending more time outdoors with loved ones or enjoying an ice-cold beverage are all part of the joys of summer. But, what may be fun for us may not be so pleasant for our livestock. We have entered the time of year when dairy and beef cattle are feeling the consequences of high temperatures and humidity.

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