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Celebrating beef producers: Premium products and sustainable solutions

We are fortunate as beef producers to have the opportunity and freedom to create an amazing product for consumers that grows from our natural resources. Beef Month allows us to celebrate our contribution to the world food supply while preserving land, water and air through environmental stewardship. Crystalyx Blueprint supplements can be an excellent tool for continuing that legacy while maintaining profitability as we plan for the future.

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Navigating fall calving and forage supplementation programs

It’s November, and we have reached the time of year when temperatures are cooling off for many of us and having fewer hours of daylight is starting to cramp our busy schedules. Fall is here, and that means that a lot of calves are getting weaned and shipped to their new homes — but for many herds, autumn is a season of new beginnings, thanks to fall calving.

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Early weaning stress: Helping calves cope

As I write this blog, it’s a typical, stuffy summer morning in southern Ohio. The air is still, the fog is thick and the forecast is calling for humidity in the 80s and temperatures in the 90s. This is not exactly a perfect recipe for cows to comfortably maximize their grazing abilities in our fescue pastures, but there is plenty of quality forage available for them to consume.

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