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Block basics: Product selection and usage estimates

In most areas, we are nearing the end of the grazing season and starting to plan for the fall and winter feeding seasons. To adequately prepare, the first question to ask yourself is, “Which products do I need?” This is followed by another important question: “How much product will be used?”

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Fall is coming - it's time to move the cows

Yes, summer has passed, and we are quickly entering the fall season. For most spring calving herds, summer pasture rotations have been made to match moisture and growing conditions to maintain a supply of high-quality forages — but plants mature, and leaf growth for most grasses has slowed down.

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10 reasons to use self-fed protein supplements this fall

I can’t believe it’s September already — where did the summer go? The mornings are noticeably cooler and the days are getting shorter. Thoughts of weaning spring-calving herds are likely present, and those of you with row-crops are undoubtedly looking forward to harvest.

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