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The dummies guide to fetal programming

If you are in the beef business and have not read an article mentioning fetal programing, or, if you have not heard someone speak on fetal programming at an industry meeting, you may need to get out a little more.

I have written a more in-depth blog on fetal programming before, and I do not intend to re state all of those points at this time.  What I would like rather, is to make just a couple statements that should make for an easy take home message this week.

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Does the fescue endophyte negatively impact bull fertility?

Roughly 25% of US beef originates from areas in which fescue forages are predominant. Losses associated with the fescue endophyte are estimated at a whopping $1 billion annually. Within this area of the US, 95% of the calf crop is achieved via natural service, making bull exposure to endophyte toxins a major issue.

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The value of CRYSTALYX used for grazing distribution

As feed professionals and nutritionist, we often look at CRYSTALYX® supplementation to improve forage utilization, provide key nutrients, deliver additives like fly control compounds, or apply a strategy targeted at specific performance parameters (weaning or breeding). One other very valuable tool CRYSTALYX® provides, and has been researched extensively, is that of Grazing Distribution.

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All about that beef

May is Beef Month. It’s a time to celebrate all that the beef industry has to offer, regardless of breed or management. To celebrate the industry we all love, I offer you 10 things to share about cattle that your non-ag friends may not know.

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