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How Does CRYSTALYX® Pencil Out for Herd Health?

A highly functioning immune system is reliant on an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals. Deficiencies or excessive levels of even one specific trace mineral can limit the availability of others or cause negative interactions, rendering subpar performance in growth, fertility and immune function. 

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How Does CRYSTALYX® Pencil Out For Grazing Distribution?

As we continue our theme of demonstrating how CRYSTALYX®  pencils out for a return on your investment, we will next look at using Crystalyx to help manage grazing distribution in your pastures. The idea is that, in addition to using the supplement to provide daily nutritional supplementation to your cattle, we will use it to manipulate the grazing of your herd into areas they would not typically frequent. We once referred to this as having your supplement “multitask.”

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