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Don't miss the new and improved CRYSTALYX supplementation guide

CRYSTALYX® is the brand you know and has been the original low-moisture block supplement for over 45 years. In that time, the CRYSTALYX brand has evolved greatly and has established itself as a leader in the self-fed supplement industry through both innovation and application. Today, livestock producers are using the product for many of the same reasons they did over 40 years ago, but the versatility of the product has also led to many additional applications, including: mineral delivery, grazing management, fly control, the BioBarrel® biodegradable container, Blueprint® Nutrition and much more.

One particularly notable facet of CRYSTALYX is the leadership position the brand enjoys through our advertising and marketing efforts. Some of our rivals may say to their customers or prospects, “why do you want to pay for all of their advertising?” However, our advertising is meant to not only share our success stories, but also to help educate producers and share knowledge and application that benefits our customers and livestock producers. Our competitors simply do not keep up in this arena.

The CRYSTALYX supplementation guide has been one of the “go-to” literature pieces for our customers and our own sales and customer service teams. It’s been used as a product manual, reference guide, sales tool, educational piece and even as a tutorial for producer meetings. It’s likely the main visual of the brand that is most recognized. We’ve updated, printed and circulated many versions over the years and our previous revisions included several new products, bringing the guide to nearly 40 pages in length.

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Yet, even good information pieces have some practical limitations or sometimes require simplification, so we’ve done almost a complete overhaul on our latest version. We truly feel this new edition is much more practical to use, easier to navigate and still informs the reader of all the great applications and benefits of CRYSTALYX® in a much more user-friendly style. It’s significantly smaller in size at only 24 pages, but still includes a wealth of necessary information.

Tabs and tables

One feature we’ve added is a set of color-coded tabs on the front cover. These tabs are designed to direct the reader to their area of interest without flipping through pages or studying a table of contents. For example, if you’re a cow-calf producer feeding low-quality forages, you would follow the brown cover tab to the section that would list products in each category that would work well to supplement low-quality forages in your feeding situation, from low-cost economy products to nutritionally-advanced Blueprint products.

The “tab” pages offer more detailed product descriptions in a table format, providing information on the type of protein and trace minerals each formula delivers, additives included and more.  The corresponding product number is also listed, which may not mean anything to a producer, but can help a dealer correctly identify the item for both ordering and cost purposes. You will also find a page number reference where one can locate a complete nutrient guaranteed analysis table of all products listed in alphabetical order (pages 24-25); see below.

For a producer studying this supplement guide and deciding which product to use, he or she can choose a tab from the front cover and their specific selection criteria, such as  forage quality and class of livestock, e.g. weaned beef calves or replacement heifers, sheep, goats or equine. We also include information on grazing management. For instance, if you have low-quality forages for beef cattle and want to feed a Blueprint® fortified product, the brown tab on the cover will guide you to the low-quality forage tab page where you would find the CRYSTALYX® Blueprint® 30% protein product as a recommended option. You can then go to page 24 to read about this specific product’s guaranteed nutrients. 

Our past supplement guide did a good job of listing products by category but was more difficult to navigate and narrow down product choices. CRYSTALYX does have a lot of products to choose from, which can be both good and bad. While any of our offerings for different feeding situations are good, this new guide helps sort the best options for all types of producers.                            

We will be introducing the first printed copies of the new guide at the 2020 Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Trade Show in San Antonio, TX and at the upcoming Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo in Rapid City, SD. These are two of our largest events each year, located in the heart of U.S. beef production, so it only seems fitting to roll out something new at these venues. While digital technology is overtaking a great deal of printed media and advertising, holding a physical piece of literature is still a practical, fast and effective method of communication. We can’t wait for our customers to utilize this new guide and look forward to continuing to offer a great selection of innovative, effective products for several species.

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