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We don't make your cow herd... we make your cow herd better

Remember that old advertisement that stated, “We don’t make a lot of the products you buy,… We make a lot of the products you buy, better?” It was actually trademarked for a time, by BASF Corporation.  I have always thought that it applied very well to how CRYSTALYX® works.  I might change it just a little, to state that, “We don’t make a lot of your assets,… We make a lot of your assets, better.”   

Below are ten of the assets that you may own, or purchase from time to time, that CRYSTALYX® can “make better” or improve:

  1. Cows - CRYSTALYX® can increase weight gain on your cows in the fall.  In the Spring and Summer, CRYSTALYX® can improve your reproduction rate by getting more cows bred earlier and by increasing the overall conception rate.
  2. Cow’s colostrum - CRYSTALYX® can improve the quality of your cow’s colostrum, thus supporting healthier calves.  You can also use a CRYSTALYX® product with Bio-Mos® to further protect newborn calves.
  3. Replacement heifers - CRYSTALYX® Iono-Lyx® is an excellent product to increase the weight gain in your replacement heifers.  Iono-Lyx® provides both Bovatec® and protein in a self-fed block supplement, that is ideal for replacement heifers in the late Summer, Fall, and Winter months.
  4. Yearlings – as with replacement heifers, CRYSTALYX® Iono-Lyx® is an excellent product to increase weight gain and increased total end weight in yearlings.
  5. Weaned calves – many customers would not dream of weaning calves without having a few CRYSTALYX® Brigade® barrels in the weaning pen.  Several research demonstrations that we have conducted since 1999, have always shown that Brigade® will give you, 1.) Fewer treats/pulls, 2.) Lower death loss, 3.) Higher feed/ration intake, 4.) Improved feed efficiency and 5) Increased calf average daily gain.  Healthier calves just perform better, and Brigade® helps reduce stress at weaning time.
  6. Vaccines – similar to how Brigade® works in #5 above, many Veterinarians will stress that a good vaccination program starts with proper nutrition.  Specifically, trace mineral and vitamin nutrition.  Whether it is with weaned calves, or mature animals, CRYSTALYX® Balanced and Premium products provide 100% to 200% of NRC for trace minerals and vitamins.
  7. AI programs and purchased semen – Many successful AI programs include the use of organic trace minerals.  CRYSTALYX® Breed-Up® products provide 200% of NRC for trace minerals and vitamins, and also include Zinpro® Availa®-4 organic trace minerals.
  8. Purchased forages – Our research has shown that you can increase the digestibility of low quality forages by 10% with CRYSTALYX® protein supplements.  That is like getting 10% more hay than what the scale ticket says you just bought.  Plus, as with all CRYSTALYX® protein supplements, you get supplemental minerals and vitamins along with that forage stretching protein.
  9. Pastures – As with purchased forages above, CRYSTALYX® protein supplements will improve the digestibility of the forage in your pastures. However, in a pasture, there is an even greater benefit of using CRYSTALYX®.  This is the ability of CRYSTALYX® to attract your herd to underutilized grazing areas within a pasture. Eight years of grazing distribution research conducted at Montana State University at Havre, MT, shows that cattle repeatedly follow the placement of CRYSTALYX® barrels into underutilized grazing areas.  This allows your herd to harvest that otherwise underutilized asset.  In dry years, this is probably the greatest benefit CRYSTALYX® can give you.

10. Fences & Water developments – Similar to how CRYSTALYX® can attract your herd to underutilized grazing areas, CRYSTALYX® also can help you get the most from existing fences and water developments.  Perhaps you do not need to add a cross fence in a pasture to help focus grazing at one end or the other.  Same goes for additional watering locations within a pasture.  Perhaps you can get your herd to utilize a section of a pasture by just placing the CRYSTALYX® barrels in that area.  Some of the research we conducted showed that it was not unusual to get cattle to travel a mile or more from their water source, to the proximity of the CRYSTALYX® barrels. 

There, you have a list of ten items that we do not make, but, we can make better with CRYSTALYX®.  I believe we could certainly come up with ten more, and the 11th one would have to be time and labor.  Maybe I should have listed it first?  Just remember that CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements are available to your herd 24/7, and are an excellent way to increase the utilization of your forage, and many other assets, with minimal input for time, labor, equipment and delivery cost.