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Product spotlight: Stable-lyx with ClariFly

A horse is more than just another animal on the ranch or farm. It’s a best friend, a true companion, a teammate, or an integral part of your operation. It makes perfect sense that you want what’s best for your horse to keep them happy and healthy. Supplying all the nutrients they require can be tricky. However, providing the right supplement can take all the guesswork out.

CRYSTALYX<sup>®</sup> Stable-Lyx<sup>®</sup> with ClariFly<sup>®</sup>

CRYSTALYX® Stable-Lyx® with ClariFly®

CRYSTALYX® Stable-Lyx® with ClariFly® is the prefect supplement for the summer season. This highly palatable, molasses based supplement provides your horse with balanced nutrition with the added bonus of fly control. CRYSTALYX® Stable-Lyx® with ClariFly® offers the added benefit of controlled intake. Horses can’t bite or chew the supplement, they must lick it; ensuring consistent intake.

Organic Trace Minerals

Trace minerals are essential to a number of functions in the body (immunity, metabolism, reproductive performance). Inorganic trace minerals (sulfates and oxides) are available to the horse, but are subject to antagonists in the total diet. That means sometimes not all the inorganic trace minerals are absorbed in the intestine. Stable-Lyx® with ClariFly® features Bioplex® organic trace minerals. Bioplex® trace minerals are better absorbed, stored and utilized by the horse (less is wasted in the manure) compared to inorganic trace minerals. This leads to improved mineral status of your horse, which has a number of benefits:

  • Strengthens keratin structure for sound hooves
  • Supports the reproductive system for mares and stallions
  • Supports mare milk quality
  • Supports normal development and bone formation in foals

Selenium Yeast

Selenium plays many important roles in the body; immune function, antioxidant function and reproductive health. The source of selenium can make a big difference. While sodium selenite is the industry standard, selenium yeast offers a source of selenium closer to what is found in nature. Selenium yeast is more digestible than inorganic forms and can reliably boost selenium status. Selenium status is related to:

  • Exercise tolerance
  • Colostrum quality and efficient transfer of selenium from mare to foal
  • Normal reproductive function

Yeast Culture

Hindgut fermenters, like horses, sometimes need an extra boost to get the most out of the forages. Providing a complete supplement with yeast culture is a good way for horse owners to boost cecum function. The yeast culture in Stable-Lyx® with ClariFly®, Yea-Sacc®1026, was specifically selected for its benefits to your horse:

  • Support of normal digestive function during training, traveling and performance
  • Enhances fiber-digesting bacteria, supporting fermentation of feeds and forages in the cecum
  • Nutrient absorption

Fly Control

Flies are a pain regardless of the type of livestock you have. The two most important flies for horses are stable flies and house flies. Stable flies are blood feeders. They tend to attack at the flank or below the knee, causing the horse to kick itself or stamp to find relief. Large numbers of stable flies can make your horse irritable and hard to handle. House flies feed on decaying organic matter (straw, hay, feed, manure). While they don’t bite, they are annoying and spread disease. Both flies lay their eggs in decaying organic matter. Keeping barns, stalls and runs clean can make a different in the fly population.

Feeding Stable-Lyx® with ClariFly® prevents the emergence of adult stable and house flies from the manure of treated horses. ClariFly® inhibits the formation of chitin, a key component of the exoskeleton, and the fly is unable to survive. To get the best fly control results, offer Stable-Lyx® with ClariFly® 30 days before the last frost and 30 days after the first frost of the year. Learn more about this plan here.

We know you want nothing but the best for your horses. CRYSTALYX® Stable-Lyx® with ClariFly® offers balanced nutrition in a nutrient dense package with superior palatability so you know your horses are getting the nutrients they need to thrive. The addition of ClariFly® helps to keep summer pests at bay to keep your horse content. To learn more about the supplements CRYSTALYX® offers for your horse, contact your local CRYSTALYX® dealer or visit our website, crystalyx.com.


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