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What makes CRYSTALYX® unique?

Brand recognition and being the first to market

CRYSTALYX® as a livestock supplement has been sold for nearly 50 years, spanning six decades. Our blog preceding this one, by Mark Robbins, mentioned the original technologies and concepts that originated with the brand in the mid-1970s. Back then, Crystalyx was the only supplement of its kind, a form that we refer to today as a low-moisture block. Since then, Crystalyx and many imitation brands have dominated the self-fed supplement market. Today, the large lick tub market consists of literally hundreds of brands and many manufacturing forms, but even after all these years, there’s still only one Crystalyx brand. Fifty years of unmatched experience and quality have built a good reputation in the industry, one we’ll never take for granted.

Crystalyx, the original low moisture block supplement. Go with the brand you know. Results by the barrel®. Feed it and they will follow. Performance is served. Year in and year out, Crystalyx has used various ad campaigns and slogans. Yes, it’s a widely known brand, one of the most recognized brand names in the feed industry. A 2022 Farm Journal survey conducted in 15 of the top cow-calf states revealed that nearly 70% of the participants had fed, or consistently feed, low-moisture block supplements like Crystalyx. Nearly half (47%) reported Crystalyx as the most familiar brand to them.

This makes Crystalyx unique in brand recognition and history, but other aspects to this supplement are also unique.

Crystalyx: a better supplement for better performance

Crystalyx has been a pacesetter in supplement technology and application. From a supplement cost standpoint, if Crystalyx is evaluated only on a cost-per-nutrient basis, it’s expensive; however, its benefits of consistent intake, low delivery cost, and no waste make it the most economical to feed.

Many current Crystalyx applications that competing tub supplements try to imitate were founded and tested by Crystalyx first. Mark Robbins mentioned some of our landmark work done with fiber digestibility in the late ’90s and with grazing distribution in the early 2000s. The idea of using a “stress barrel,” or starting tub, with weaned cattle or with cattle newly arriving to a feedlot was not commonplace 20 to 25 years ago; it was first introduced by our salespeople with Crystalyx Brigade®. Then we did the first research and blazed the trail ahead. The advantages of a stress barrel helped ours gain fast acceptance, and now it seems that most competitors offer a “me-too” stress tub.

The same can be said for the concept of the mineral barrel. Often, I hear the term “Mineral barrel or tub” as a general term for Crystalyx or like type supplements. This type of application did not happen by accident. In fact, it was a discussion between Mark Robbins and me, during a trip across South Dakota early in our careers, that led to the research and development of the highly fortified and palatable mineral technology Crystal-Phos®. This type of mineral form feeds at the same level as loose minerals, but with much less waste and much better herd coverage. At the time Crystal-Phos was developed, no other competitor had a like product or application, though today many competitors offer imitations.

In developing the Crystalyx line, we have produced and perfected a lot of practical and useful supplement applications and tools for livestock producers. For instance, in 2004, we introduced Crystalyx Iono-lyx®, the only FDA-cleared low-moisture block with Bovatec. Our customers’ confidence in the Crystalyx brand and its performance is why some of the best professionals in the feed industry sell and recommend Crystalyx. Without the uniqueness of this brand and the experience behind it, the big lick tub market would not be the same. In fact, without Crystalyx, there might not be a mineral or stress barrel concept, the grazing distribution patents would not exist, and it’s highly likely that the biodegradable BioBarrel® would not have been invented.

All of these accomplishments require commitment to customers and investment in research and development — and in people, too! Again, few in the industry have invested their time and money to make better products and applications to benefit the livestock producer. Most of our competitors simply offer a price and a tub and try to imitate us. For salespersons, this copycat practice can be frustrating, but as the saying goes, “Imitation is the best form of flattery.”

It’s about our people and customers

Behind the scenes, we at Crystalyx take a lot of pride in making sure those who sell, promote and use this brand are fully supported in knowing the proper applications, which solutions to position and how to get the most value out of a self-fed supplement. We don’t apologize for our marketing and advertising campaigns, as we want to make it known to our customers selling Crystalyx that they’re supported, and we want to assure those feeding Crystalyx that they’re offering the best to their livestock.

The latest example of this is Crystalyx Gold Rewards. We highly encourage all Crystalyx customers to go to www.crystalyxgoldrewards.com and become members. Gold Rewards is our way of saying thanks to producers who are loyal to our brand. For every purchase of Crystalyx, whether it’s one barrel or a truckload or more, Gold Rewards members accumulate points that can be used toward Crystalyx merchandise or cashed in for gift cards. To our knowledge, no other big block companies offer such a program.

Again, Crystalyx is not just a price and a tub. There’s nothing generic about it. It is unique and provides, as it has for nearly 50 years, the most value and experience to our customers, hands down. If you’re not yet our customer, why not give us a chance to show you how the best barrel on the market can work for you? Learn more by visiting www.crystalyx.com, following our social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram, and downloading the Crystalyx app. You can also contact your local dealer or sales representative anytime.