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CrystalBlox™ is the newest patented block form developed by CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements. It combines the economical nutrient delivery and fortification of compressed blocks with the consistent and predictable intake of low moisture block technology. CrystalBlox will fit a wide variety of feeding situations, where protein delivery is critical.


Q: What type or category of block is CrystalBlox?

A: CrystalBlox is a new hybrid form. It combines the nutrient payload of a compressed block with the added benefit of intake control with CRYSTALYX low moisture block (LMB) technology.

Q: Do the nutrient guarantees of the LMB and compressed portions differ?

A: The guaranteed analysis is the same for the LMB and compressed portions of the block. Both portions are formulated to meet the same label guarantees.

Q: If I have fed CRYSTALYX in the past, is CrystalBlox the right product for me?

A: Both product forms fit several supplement strategies. CrystalBlox can more easily and predictably meet higher protein supplementation needs with low quality forage feeding systems. 

Q:  What is the typical consumption rate of CrystalBlox?

A:  0.75 to 1.5 lbs/hd/day is a normal range with typical intakes in the 1 to 1.25 pound range.  Results can be influenced by forage quality and availability, the number of animals per container, pasture size, container placement in a pasture,
animal size and animal physiological stage of production.


Q: Is intake even across the surface of the block given different densities of the material? 

A: Yes, intake is closely regulated by the CRYSTALYX center. The configuration of CrystalBlox encourages cattle to consume the supplement in a manner more consistent with CRYSTALYX licking rather than aggressively biting the compressed block portion. The combination of technologies, along with the pattern of CRYSTALYX embedded within the compressed block provides uniform consumption across the herd.

Q:  What type of supplementation situations would be a good match for CrystalBlox? 

A:  CrystalBlox is designed and formulated to provide supplemental protein to help improve forage utilization by increased forage intake and improved fiber digestibility. In situations where forage crude protein levels are low due to drought or with advanced maturity such as fall and winter forages, CrystalBlox can provide the supplemental protein to help extract more energy and nutrients from your forage supplies.