In the Field

"Both horses have filled in and out beautifully!"

I have 2 horses (brothers). The older one had never had a good looking top line with his hip bone and somewhat of his backbone always protruding. His younger brother was born with beautiful round hips and all filled out. As time went on the younger ones topline became more pronounced, finally with badly protruding hip and backbone. I tried some supplements etc. I became more worried all the time finally becoming so concerned I was researching diseases, then talked to my vet. He fully recommended Stable-lyx®. I had to go out of town to get it, but I did.

And within just a few months, it was like a miracle. Both horses have filled in, and out beautifully with same amount of feed. I noted the older one is even gaining in his lower belly. He has never in his 13 or 14 years looked this good. My worries are over! I may have to cut the feed some.