In the Field

"I feed and believe in CRYSTAL-PHOS"

Dan Wendt is a registered Santa Gertrudis breeder from Bay City, Texas. He has been raising them since the 1950's, always with a commitment to sound management principles, including maximizing supplementation. He has become a big fan of CRYSTAL-PHOS®, a CRYSTALYX® mineral supplement that is ideal for grazing beef cattle.

Copper, zinc, manganese, iodine, cobalt and selenium are important trace minerals that aid in building immunity and enhancing reproductive performance. CRYSTAL-PHOS® provides those trace minerals as well as key minerals calcium, phosphorous and vitamins A, D and E.

Wendt believes in keeping the best genetics working for his herd, and then maximizing the potential with a precise feeding and supplementation program that includes CRYSTAL-PHOS®. And the convenience and labor savings make a difference in his bottom line.

"I always had problems getting my cattle to eat loose mineral," Wendt said. "I have never had a problem with my cattle going to the CRYSTAL-PHOS®." Texas weather can be unpredictable. The weatherproof CRYSTAL-PHOS® barrels help Wendt cope with whatever Mother Nature brings.

"We have had a wet, boggy winter. It was always a lot of time and trouble if I had to move a mineral feeder. It's easy to roll the barrel to dry ground or good turf.

"I used to feed a high-dollar bagged mineral, only to have the wind and rain fill up my mineral feeder. High-dollar mineral doesn't do you much good on the ground."

After 47 plus years in the business of raising some of the finest Santa Gertrudis in the world, Dan Wendt believes in making business decisions that make sense. CRYSTAL-PHOS® fits the bill.

"I like the barrels. They're weatherproof, convenient to feed and I have no consumption problems. I feed and believe in CRYSTAL-PHOS®."