In the Field

"The quality is there and the price is right."

Joey Freund, Jr., has just one piece of advice for ranchers looking at their supplementation program - go with the company that first started making the big mineral blocks.

"The quality is there. The price is right," says the long-time CRYSTALYX® user and dealer. "There are replicas on every corner, but it's important to stay with the one you know."

As one of the largest Limousin breeders in the United States, reproductive performance is key for the Freunds. CRYSTALYX® helps improve breed back and allows the calves to be weaned quicker.

The Freunds use a high energy, 20% protein block for the cows in the winter. "The cows are always eating the block so you know they're getting the nutrients they need," Freund says. "That's especially true for first-calf heifers."

He's also found that feeding the 27% All Natural block to the bulls provides the right vitamins and minerals for optimum growth and scrotal development.

But the cattle aren't the only ones who benefit from CRYSTALYX® on Running Creek Ranch near Elizabeth, CO. The Freunds use draft horses to feed the cattle plus participate in horse pulling contests during the summer.

"We work our horses a lot of hours every day," Freund says. "Stable-lyx® is the best energy source you can give a horse and it's so easy to feed."