In the Field

"We like its consistency, labor savings, and overall performance."

The 2002 summer drought hit many parts of Colorado hard. Producers searched for ways to make sparse, nutrient-starved forage go further while maintaining herd health and productivity. The Running Creek Ranch near Elizabeth, Colorado, found that a change in its supplementation pattern involving CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements made a big difference in their outcome of summer grazing during dry the conditions.

Normally Running Creek feeds mineral formulations of CRYSTALYX®, such as Mineral-lyx® or Crystal-Phos® when grass conditions are normal. The severe drought caused a change in thinking.

The ranch used a combination of CRYSTALYX® HE-20%™ and Crystal-Phos® as a supplement to the registered herd of Limousin cows. The combination improved protein supplementation on dry pastures while making sure the cattle received proper mineral supplementation. "We really thought the consumption of both CRYSTALYX® products was right where it should be," Joey Freund, of Running Creek Ranch said. "Our cows remained in good condition all summer and bred back exceptionally well…97 percent." The successful use of two different CRYSTALYX® products at the same time confirms previous research findings from Ridley Block Operations.

Freund kept close track of CRYSTALYX® consumption for both products. Consumption of HE-20%™ averaged a half-pound per-head, per-day, and Crystal-Phos® was consumed at a rate of a quarter-pound per-head, per-day.

When starting weaned calves on feed, Running Creek Ranch uses CRYSTALYX® Beef-lyx®. "The calves get on feed quicker, and the formulation helps them overcome health problems," Freund said. "Our pull rate on calves is down, and the consistent consumption of minerals and vitamins in Beef-lyx® seems to be the key."

Running Creek Ranch has been using CRYSTALYX® products for more than 10 years. "We like its consistency, the labor savings, overall performance and service," Freund said. "And now we can add that it helped us get through some pretty tough conditions this summer."