In the Field

"It helped extend our grazing days when the grazing wasn't good."

The Pischels are striving to have 95% of cows calve in a 30-day window. The 2003 calving season was a little longer than 2002 but drought conditions had an effect.

2003 Breeding - Percent of Cattle Cycling by Visual Detection
16 days into breeding = 94%
29 days into breeding = 98.8%

"Our 21-day conception rates would be even better if we naturally bred," Rob Pischel said. "We artificially inseminate two-thirds of our cows which does lower our 21-day conception rates."

All replacement heifers and bulls receive Crystal-Phos® low-moisture blocks.

Show cattle are supplemented using Brigade® low-moisture blocks.

All Brood Cows received CRYSTALYX® BGF-30™ and CRYSTALYX® NDM 29% (drought assistance product in 2002-2003). Brood Cows also receive Crystal-Phos™ during the calving and breeding periods.

The Pischels also saw the benefit of CRYSTALYX® as a pasture management tool. "We have river pastures that are hilly and have only one water source, near the bottoms and edges of pastures," Rob Pischel said. "We put the CRYSTALYX® barrels at the tops of the pasture and have been able to get the cattle to travel to the far edges to get to more grass. This helped extend our grazing days when the grazing wasn't so good."

The Pischels are satisfied with the overall results of supplementing with CRYSTALYX® on their Simmental herd and recommend it to friends and neighbors.