In the Field

"CRYSTALYX helps my customers with the performance of their livestock."

"I relate to our cow herd that is on CRYSTALYX® year round when visiting with a customer at our feed counter," states Watkins. "The improved body condition and conception rates with making CRYSTALYX® available is the first advantage I explain, and I know the two work together." Watkins is also quick to illustrate his experience with controlled uniform consumption and the waste free factor on the harsh and humid Gulf Coast region of Texas.

The CRYSTALYX® brand that stands for value-added quality was well known by Watkins before he and Amber purchased the feed business 6 years ago. "It has been a quality product in our cow operation and most important to our valued customers," says Watkins.

For protein supplement, the first choice of Watkins and his beef customers are: CRYSTALYX® HE-20%™" and for mineral supplement: Crystal-Phos®. With a diverse customer base of cattle, equine and goats at Ganado Feed & More, a large selection of CRYSTALYX® can be found in their inventory.

The Watkins have recently moved into their new, modern facility that offers more room for display and expanded warehouse for product inventory. "We're excited to have a new facility and to introduce the CRYSTALYX® BioBarrel® that offers a non-returnable, "single trip" biodegradable container option to our feed customers." The first BioBarrels® that were unloaded at the store went straight to the Watkins Brahman herd to gain their own experience.

"I don't look at CRYSTALYX® as selling a product, I look to CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements as helping my customers with the performance of their livestock," says Watkins.