Manufacturing and Quality

Barrel Options

CRYSTALYX® Steel Barrel

Buy the barrels. Place the barrels. Return the barrels. It really is that easy to ensure required nutrients stay continuously available to your livestock.

CRYSTALYX® original steel barrel options come in 250-lb. half barrels and 125-lb. quarter barrels, to fit your needs.

• Environmentally friendly
• Easy to handle and extremely durable
• Saves time and labor
• Reduces expense of special feeding equipment
• Available in 250-lb. half barrel and 125-lb. quarter barrel sizes

CRYSTALYX® Plastic Barrel

Durable plastic barrels deliver all the benefits of CRYSTALYX® self–fed supplementation with the added convenience of non-returnable containers in two convenient sizes.

See your local dealer for availability.

• Easy to handle
• Lighter than steel containers
• Non–returnable for added convenience
• Recyclable
• Available in 200-lb. half barrel and 60-lb. quarter barrel sizes


The CRYSTALYX® BioBarrel® is made from a proprietary blend of ground cereal straw and wood fiber, coated with a soy flour solution that is pressed and molded.

• Made of 100% renewable materials, no chemicals or adhesives used
• Designed to degrade as livestock consume the CRYSTALYX® low-moisture block
• Thicker and stronger than cardboard or fiber containers
• Maintains its integrity in prolonged storage
• Addition of WeatherAll® Protection offers added weatherability in extended wet conditions