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Crystal Clear Economyx

Think there’s no difference between CRYSTALYX and the competition? Use the Crystal Clear Economyx® tools to compare livestock supplement programs and find out how much your operation can save.

Many small producers have off-ranch employment and like the convenience and comfort of knowing CRYSTALYX is continuously available. Large operators use CRYSTALYX because they save time and labor.

How much could your operation save?
It's easy to find out.



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CRYSTAL CLEAR ECONOMYX is a free software program based on a computer spreadsheet format. The program provides projections that will help you make informed economic decisions when evaluating a supplement program, and not simply comparing one product to another.Make sure you are running a Microsoft® Windows based system loaded with Excel 97 or newer.

Click here to download the file (422K).

Once the program is launched, an Excel pop up window will indicate that the file contains Macros. Click on "Enable Macros". Macros must be enabled in order for the software to calculate properly.

Windows XP Users: If the Macros pop-up window does not appear you will need to change your security settings. Under Tools, select Macros, then Security and change the setting to Medium. You will need to save the file and re-open it. The Macros window should now appear.

The program can be saved to your computer at any time to store your results or keep a copy of the program for future use.

As the CCE program begins, you will find data already entered into the software. This is intended as a guide and can be cleared to enter your own data. If you would like to use the existing data as a reference, simply type over the inputs, rather than clearing all of the information.

You are now ready to make Crystal Clear comparisons between livestock supplement programs.

CRYSTAL CLEAR ECONOMYX® was developed by and is the property of Ridley Block Operations.