- Fly Control


Fly control is important not only to cows, but also to the people who work and live around them. Nuisance and biting flies are a vector of disease and an irritant. ClariFly® Larvicide targets all of the fly species present on a dairy operation – including house flies, stable flies, face flies and horn flies – making it an ideal fly control solution.

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Altosid® IGR

Costing the North American cattle industry over $1 billion annually, horn flies are a major concern for pastured beef cattle. Despite the fact that these pests cause weight loss and are vectors for beef heifer mastitis, many ranchers do not take action when it comes to controlling them.

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Improve Your Fly Control Program

Concerns with indiscriminate insecticide use in the environment have led today’s cattle producers to take a broader approach to fly control. Such an improved approach emphasizes these steps:

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