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3 reasons to supplement goats with CRYSTALYX®

We are excited to expand our Blueprint® portfolio with CRYSTALYX® Blueprint® Goat-lyx®. While many breeders are currently in or preparing for the breeding season, here are three reminders of why CRYSTALYX fits in any goat operation.



1. Saves money, time and labor

While prices around us keep climbing and markets are quite volatile, keep in mind the low cost per head per day we can count on with CRYSTALYX. With precise formulations and manufacturing, the low-moisture block product is made for intake control but at a rate that provides the nutrients goats need each day. The low-moisture content, resulting in the hardness of the block, helps keep intake down compared to other supplement forms. By controlling consumption, the cost of the supplement per day is at a greater advantage, saving you money.

In addition to the money savings, CRYSTALYX Blueprint Goat-lyx will also save time and labor. Regardless of your management style and size of operation, CRYSTALYX fits by enabling you to place the self-fed supplement and forget about it. Whether you run goats on the side or as a full-time job, providing a supplement in such a way will save you time to focus on other important tasks around the farm while providing the nutrition goats need around the clock.


2. Improve forage use

Goats are known to be browsers that prefer woody stems, leaves of trees and weeds, compared to grass-grazing species such as cattle and sheep. Goats also have a fast metabolic rate, meaning they may require more frequent feeding or a higher quality diet. By supplementing with a protein supplement, we can improve the digestibility of the forage provided and, in turn, get more energy from it. An improvement in energy status correlates to improvement in body condition, which greatly influences goat fertility.

CRYSTALYX has also been proven to change the grazing behavior in cattle, and the thought could hold true in goats as well. Animals can be drawn to areas of the pasture that are visited less frequently by strategically placing the supplement to draw goats into those areas. Read our blog on grazing distribution for more information.


3. Latest technology formulated for goats

Not only is Goat-lyx formulated specifically for goats, but it has now been updated with the highest quality, most research-proven form of organic trace minerals as a Blueprint formula. We recognize the importance of overall health and productivity in your goats. Blueprint is made of 100% Bioplex® organic trace minerals that are better used by the animal than other trace mineral forms. Supplementing with a quality source of trace minerals is important throughout the year to achieve reproductive success, optimal health and overall productivity.

Small ruminant research shows that when ewes were supplemented with Bioplex® Zinc in late pregnancy and early lactation, lamb growth rate was increased and immune response was improved in the ewes (Mackenzie et al., 2005). We would expect similar findings in goats. Blueprint Goat-lyx is one more step forward to maximizing the genetic potential of your goats while striving for optimal health regardless of if you raise them for commercial use, utilize intensive breeding programs or for hobby purposes.


We are excited to provide the small ruminant business with the superior nutrition available with Blueprint. Look for CRYSTALYX Blueprint Goat-lyx at your local CRYSTALYX dealer.