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CRYSTALYX categories and programs: An overview of the 2014-2015 season

Late in the summer of 2014, CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements came with a new launch, or better described, a new approach of product programs.  There really wasn’t any new product, except for one; rather a reformulation of a few and a “categorical” look at different programs.  We call this our Economy, Balanced and Premium categories.  There were a few blogs written in the latter half of 2014 that mentioned these product categories so I won’t elaborate on the details of each.

Most of the CRYSTALYX® products available fit into the “Balanced” category. These are products like BGF-30™, and similar products that provided 100% of the trace minerals and vitamins at typical intakes.  And, as would be expected, a high percentage of the volume sold is in this category.

Programs within Categories or Sub-Categories

  • Forage Utilization Programs
  • Mineral Programs
  • Health and Performance Programs

When we speak of CRYSTALYX® programs, I like to further classify products more or less for what they need to do or how they supplement a nutritional program.    One of the main application for CRYSTALYX® is to improve utilization of low quality forages.  Every product in the CRYSTALYX® offering will do this to a certain extent and those at 20% and higher protein are the best choices for low quality forages.

Another sub category would be using CRYSTALYX® as a summer mineral programs.  Over the past several years, producers have been more accepting to using low moisture blocks as free-choice mineral programs.  The reasons are simple, CRYSTALYX® mineral blocks are palatable so intake is assured, plus there is virtually no waste and no special equipment, i.e., mineral feeders.  CRYSTALYX® mineral products are an excellent way to deliver key vitamins and minerals plus some additives.  Both Rabon® and Altosid® (IGR) feed through fly control products can be delivered via CRYSTALYX® mineral supplements too.  The success of these fly control program depends on proper intake and again, CRYSTALYX® can assure that.

Using CRYSTALYX® products that include additives like Bio-Mos®, Tasco® or specific mineral forms can improve health challenges and performance.   Others products like Brigade®, and most of our dairy products serve to help enhance feed intake.  These can provide for shortcomings in individual animal feeding and behavior patterns, and overcome stress that would normally lead to impaired health and reduced performance.

Sales Trends for Premium Products

In the last few years, it’s been refreshing to sell and help promote more awareness for higher valued products, or those within the “Premium” category.  The CRYSTALYX® Breed-Up® line has been sold with a lot of success and great performance reviews from customers.  Better nutrition pays and the additional money spent for the balanced and premium product versus economy is insignificant in comparison to the value received for better performance.

Overall, CRYSTALYX® is designed to have products that truly fit into programs.  Those who sell CRYSTALYX® are very good at fitting the right product into the right situation.  Many products can serve dual purposes or overlap in application; which may be good in many situations simply because not all dealers can inventory all products.  Still, options are available but most CRYSTALYX® dealers are good at inventorying the right products for their specific geography and time of year.  The future looks bright in the beef cattle markets, which would give reason to say that the premium products should be in good demand and fit the best nutritional programs available. 


Have a great and safe summer.  Visit your local dealer or www.crystalyx.com for more information on CRYSTALYX® programs.