CRYSTALYX blueprint for maternal nutritional success

Nov 15, 2017


ANNOUNCER:    Welcome to the latest “Block Talk” podcast, brought to you by CRYSTALYX® Brand supplements. Producers often concentrate supplementation pretty heavily in preparation for breeding, but then pay less attention to supplementation until the last half of the pregnancy. Animal nutritionist Jackie Nix says its important for cattlemen to realize the importance of good nutrition during early pregnancy.

JACKIE:              Yes, most cattlemen worry about it early on when we’re breeding and then later on in pregnancy, because 75 percent of fetal growth occurs in the last two months of gestation, and that very first trimester usually gets ignored.

ANNOUNCER:    So what is fetal programming, and where does that fit in to the overall program?”

JACKIE:              In a nutshell, fetal programming means that everything that happens during that period of fetal development affects that animal for the rest of its life. So, it could be nutritional, environmental, stress on the mother, you name it. Anything that happens is going to have lifelong effects.

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ANNOUNCER:    So why is maternal nutrition so important for these stages?

JACKIE:              Once again, these early stages, traditionally we’ve traditionally ignored it. And if you think about it, the very first month or so, what is developing is the placentome…the placenta. So, what’s happening is that the blood vessels are forming, and that is the gateway of nutrition from mom getting to the fetus. And if there were any kind of nutritional deficiencies at that time, then the placenta doesn’t develop like it should, so therefore, we ah, the animals not getting, the fetus is not getting everything it should. But then, a second thing to think about is organ development in the fetus is occurs early. It occurs within the first day of twenty to sixty days. And if there are any kind of deficiencies during that period of organ development, it can have lifelong results. One thing in particular is that the sexual organs develop in the first forty-five to sixty days. This is particularly significant in heifer calves, because she’s going to be born with every ooctye she’ll have in her entire life. So, any kind of deficiency now is going to effect her reproductive leave for the rest of her life.

ANNOUNCER:    Pregnancy increases metabolic activity within the mother and the fetus. What affect does that have?

JACKIE:              What’s happening is we want to feed the animal, but not overfeed, because once again, as we all know, the majority of the growth is going to be later in pregnancy. So we don’t really need to pour on the extra protein and energy early on in pregnancy, but getting those mineral nutrition right early on is super, super important, because the minerals are needed for the enzymes and the chemical reactions that are going on for the development as I just spoke about. So it’s really important to have the high quality supplement, and that’s where the CRYSTALYX food products come in.

                          That’s a sure way for producers to give their herd the nutrition they need during this key growth period. And, CRYSTALYX now has the Blueprint premium nutritional program. Blueprint is based on the total replacement of inorganic trace minerals with highly bioavailable (Bioplex®) organic trace minerals in what is known as Total Replacement Technology or TRT. The program is built to promote maximal on-farm performance and profitability.

                          The CRYSTALYX Blueprint product is kinda like a one-a-day for your cattle. They’re going to get the minerals and vitamins that they need. What makes Blueprint different from other products that are in the market is that, Blueprint, the premise is that we are providing all of the trace minerals in organic form. So the trace minerals are coming from the organic chelated Bioplex minerals, which are mineral proteanate. These are presented in a form that is as close to nature as they can, and it’s better utilized and better absorbed, and retained in the tissues than inorganic oxides and sulfates. And, there’s also research that shows that the oxides and sulfates, they can some unintended chemical reactions inside the body. That there are some natural antagonisms that can occur. And when we remove those from the diet that we actually improve performance just because of those oxides and sulfates being gone.

ANNOUNCER:    So, this describes an ideal program from start to finish in terms of producing a healthy offspring?

JACKIE:              The Blueprint line, there are multiple supplements in the line; so basically, we’re going to have a hot mag or a protein supplement, a high phos…anything that you need according to the cattle’s production status and such. So this is just, the philosophy is that we want to give the minerals to the animals in the form that the need. And then, another thing that’s different about Blueprint, as opposed to traditional supplements is that we’re actually providing these nutrients at a lower level, the trace minerals at a lower level. So, a good way to think about it would be like Tide and Tide Ultra. Both get your clothes clean, but you use less of the Tide Ultra. So, with these organic Bioplex minerals we don’t have to provide as much because it’s more efficiently used in the body. And not only is that beneficial to the animals, but it’s also beneficial to the environment because less going in means less coming out the other end in manure. So, less potential of pollution of soil and water.

ANNOUNCER:    So, while there’s Blueprint for every situation, each Blueprint is unique for specific situations, and that involves working with your nutritionist.

JACKIE:              It sure does. Blueprint is new and if you’re interested at your local CRYSTALYX dealer, ask for Blueprint

ANNOUNCER:    That’s it for this Block Talk Podcast brought to you by CRYSTALYX Brand Supplements an easy way to provide self-fed protein, vitamins and trace minerals in a low moisture supplement formulated for all types of feeding situations from low quality forages to fly control and everything in between. Learn more about all that CRYSTALYX has to offer, including the new Blueprint program, by going to It all adds up to Results by the Barrel.


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