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KY-31: Not the cattleman's dream forage

In many parts of the Southeast and southern Midwest U.S., Kentucky 31 (KY-31) Tall Fescue is the primary forage used for grazing cattle, representing over 35 million acres of grazing land. While it has many attractive agronomic characteristics, including hardiness under varied climactic conditions, persistence under heavy animal pressure, tolerance to close grazing and resistance to insect pressure, there are several negative nutritional characteristics that impact cattle.

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Challenges of Fescue Forages

Cattle grazing fescue have unique nutritional needs due to the fescue endophyte. Tall fescue is often associated with fescue toxicosis, which can result in discolored hair coats; decreased conception rates; hoof problems and depressed immunity. What role does nutrition play in the challenges of fescue forages? Learn more about the condition commonly referred to as Summer Slump.

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