Dry Mineral Users Catch Wind of a Better Mineral Supplement: Crystal-Phos®

They say you can’t do anything about the weather, but you can make sure the weather doesn’t do anything to your livestock supplementation program. Early spring snow along with rain and wind can take a toll on your supplementation program if you’re relying on dry minerals.

CRYSTAL-PHOS® from CRYSTALYX® can stand up to the extremes of spring weather. Weather blows away dry mineral or turns it into hard chunks, but will not affect CRYSTAL-PHOS®. It comes in windproof, weatherproof steel barrels, so key nutrients and minerals won’t wash away or blow away, and there’s no need for special mineral feeders. Waste is eliminated and so are extra equipment costs, making CRYSTAL-PHOS® a better way to feed minerals.

Supplementing with CRYSTAL-PHOS® gives grazing beef cattle the key minerals they need, including calcium and phosphorus, as well as vitamins and trace minerals. Cattle on CRYSTAL-PHOS® will typically consume four ounces to one-quarter pound per-head, per-day, giving them 100 percent of NRC requirements for key trace minerals, which include chelated/organic trace minerals. Like all CRYSTALYX® supplements, CRYSTAL-PHOS® is consumed as cattle lick the highly palatable, molasses-based surface. Key nutrients essential for maintenance, growth and reproductive performance are consumed in a controlled, continuous manner. And CRYSTAL-PHOS® is naturally self-limiting because it can’t be bitten or chewed.


  • Won’t wash away or blow away
  • No extra investment in mineral feeders
  • Daily consumption is limited
  • More palatable, so intake is enhanced
  • Barrels can be easily moved for more effective pasture and grazing pattern management
  • More cows consume CRYSTAL-PHOS® on a more regular basis as compared to conventional dry mineral