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A new formulation for CRYSTALYX Iono-lyx

A little less than 16 years ago, CRYSTALYX introduced the first and only low-moisture block that contained an ionophore, in the form of BOVATEC®. This was the result of several years of working with the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the Food and Drug Administration (CVM-FDA). The exact claim on the label reads:

For increased rate of weight gain in pasture cattle (slaughter, stocker and feeder cattle and beef replacement heifers).

CRYSTALYX  Iono-lyx remains the only FDA approved low-moisture block containing an FDA approved ionophore on the market today. We recently received approval for an amended formula, which now includes a portion of copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt in an organic form, known as Bioplex®. These organic trace minerals appear in the ingredient listing on the label as copper proteinate, zinc proteinate and manganese proteinate. This new formula will be available from your CRYSTALYX dealers in the coming weeks.

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You may have heard us talk about Bioplex trace minerals before, as they play a key role in our CRYSTALYX Blueprint® supplement line. While Iono-lyx is not a Blueprint supplement, it does now contain Bioplex trace minerals, which are delivered in a form more closely resembling how cattle get trace minerals from forages in nature. They are much more bioavailable than inorganic sources of trace minerals such as sulfates, oxides and hydroxychlorides. If you have trace mineral antagonists in your forages or soil, the best way to combat them is with an organic trace mineral.

When evaluating Iono-lyx for your operation, you should consider the following four primary features:

  • Iono-lyx contains 300 grams per ton of BOVATEC, which is considered the premier ionophore for grazing animals. Years of data in the BOVATEC master file indicate that you can generally expect around a 10% improvement in rate of gain in pastured cattle. 

  • Iono-lyx contains 28% crude protein. With the exception of some fleeting summer months, most of our grazed forages will be short on protein for growing cattle. Iono-Lyx can effectively supplement that protein requirement, in addition to providing BOVATEC.

  • As previously mentioned, Iono-lyx now contains Bioplex organic trace minerals. Bioplex organic trace minerals support greater trace mineral retention and tissue reserves. Optimal trace mineral nutrition is key to supporting good summer gains on grass. Additionally, yearlings entering a feedlot will benefit from having been on a good trace mineral program prior to the stresses of shipping, receiving, sorting and handling. 

  • Finally, Iono-lyx is a self-fed supplement. It greatly reduces the need for daily attention to the nutritional needs of your herd. A properly stocked set of Iono-lyx barrels should last about two weeks for a group of yearlings or replacement heifers in a pasture. This allows you the flexibility to check your cattle as little or as often as you’d like. If you are busy with other chores, CRYSTALYX Iono-lyx is always there for your cattle, 24/7.

We are just coming into fall, and forages are now mature. This means their protein content is dropping weekly. It’s the perfect time of the year to start a set of replacement heifers or weaned calves on a fall and winter grazing program that includes Iono-lyx for the many reasons listed above. Organic trace minerals are better utilized by cattle, and they will likely need some extra protein. Remember that your cattle will get a weight gain boost from BOVATEC, and you can always use the flexibility that a self-fed supplement brings to the table.

CRYSTALYX Brand Supplements are an excellent way to provide consistent controlled intake of additives, protein and other necessary nutrients that can be deficient in your forages. CRYSTALYX self-fed supplements are available to your herd 24/7, thereby minimizing your investment in time, labor and equipment.